The #HathrasHorror has shocked India not just for it’s brutality but the disgraceful conduct of the police & administration. But the last 2 days reveals that there have been almost 18 rapes/gang rapes and attempted rapes in UP. A thread on Ram Rajya-
2. Ayodhya-
3. Fatehpur, minor girl raped
4. Bahraich: Rape of a minor
5. Amethi: Rape of a minor
6. Amethi: Rape of a minor again
7. Balrampur: Gang Rape of a Dalit girl
8. Bulandshahr: Rape of a minor
9. Azamgarh
12. Amethi
13. Fatehpur
14. Fatehpur again
15. Baghpat
16. Amethi
17. Amethi:
18. Sant Kabir Nagar
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