1/5 E. Beverly Brown was taken from her family home in Bella Bella/ Kitasoo in 1937 when she was seven years old and sent to St. Michael's Indian Residential School in Alert Bay. #EveryChildMatters
2/5 Her father had given her a Kodak camera and during her eight years at the school, Beverly and her friends took photographs of their lives at St. Mike’s. #orangeshirtday2020
3/5 These are the only known photos in Canada that were taken by students in residential schools themselves.
These photos give voice to students who were often silenced or made invisible. #wearyourorangeshirt
4/5 They are a testament to the strength and courage of the boys and girls who attended St. Mike’s and whose friendships became lifelines for one another. #OrangeShirtDay
5/5 The individuals in the photographs have been identified where possible to acknowledge their identity and community. #EveryChildMatters
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