Are you Hurt with Sana? - A thread

Okay, so I guess I don't need to give the background info as by now, almost everyone knows that peeps r hurt with Sana cuz she of her recent IG & Twitter activity & If I am to be precise, hurt with her about using the Sidheart filter & liking+
Sidharth's vm on Twitter.

Now, as per my understanding, peeps r hurt cuz they feel Shehnaaz shouldn't be promoting him giving the filth his fans spread against her & also cuz whenever she does something related to promoting SidNaaz or Sid, some of his fans drag her to ++
no end & call her an opportunist who uses Sid or Sid for her gain & popularity.

Now as her fans, seeing those pr*cks say sh*t about her hurts & we do everything in our power to pushback & defend her & request her to be cautious of her actions
in future.

Some fans hv been ++
hurt with her recent actions & hv decided to ustan her cuz they can't tolerate it anymore.

Now, Imma start with saying that always put urself 1st & do what u find best for ur own mental health. So, if u like this is too much for u & has begun hurting u, there is no harm in
leaving in dignifiedly.

Though my question is, why r u hurt? & I asked this question to myself as well, that why r u hurt?

R u hurt cuz u fight for her day & night & she still indulges in stuff u hv requested her not to?

& why is that? I was thinking the same until a few
my friends made me realize that it isn't about fighting for her, but fighting for RIGHT & that is when it hit me, if u hv been fighting against the filth, it has more to do with fighting for the RIGHT cause than to do with Shehnaaz so your efforts haven't gone in vain.

One thing, however, which I didn't like is her own fans taunting her & shading her. Showing ur disappointment & unstanning for ur own peace is fine, but taunting her & shading her just cuz she isn't behaving how YOU would want her to behave is ridiculous.

& over what? that ++
she has promoted a person who you happen to don't like?

Let's even assume for a second that she is making a mistake, let's assume that she is with the wrong person (which we can't conclude BTW) but then so what? Isn't it her life & her right to make mistakes because it's her
own freakin? How many of us don't listen to our parents & even go against them at times because IT'S OUR LIFE AND OUR RIGHT TO LIVE IT THE WAY WE WANT. So, why hold her to a different standard?

For all we know, Sid might be keeping her quite happy which might end up buffering+
the filth against her on SM.

I always say that every person has good & bad & in this situation, the good & bad means that they do things which hurt us & do things which make us happy. The key to our peace of mind is always focused on the good.

So, I am not gonna unstan her
because she is doing something which doesn't sit well with me because I am focusing on the good she has & the good she has done for me & what is that?

She has made me a better person & that's the truth.
She has taught me to forgive, she has taught me to be

She has taught me to stand up for what I believe & to fight for it.

She has taught me to wear my battle wounds as a crown.

She has taught me to let go.

She has taught me to be sympathetic.

She has taught me to be the bigger person.

So yeah, I don't think so I hv the audacity to unstan her & drag her on my TL all for the sake of promoting an IG filter or an unproblematic Twitter VM.

She has done too much good to me for me to abandon her over these things.

#ShehnaazGiIl @FanShehnaaz @FC_ShehnaazGill
Also, stop acting like those villainous parents in the Bollywood movies who shun their daughters over liking a man they don't like. Everyone has the right to love & they can't control whom they fall in love with. If she is in love with him, stop asking her to fall out of love.
If it is still too much for u, then leave by all means but shading her & dragging her over it is just plain cruel.

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