Should be recalled Rep. Devin Nunes stated in a press conference in March of 2017 he was shown intelligence intercepts in which the private communications of Trump transition team members had been intercepted and unmasked.

And they weren't talking foreign policy or Russia.
I don't think it was just **media leaks** to the NYT's or WaPo that Durham has been tracking down for 4 years.

He was assigned to investigate a massive breach of national security where official LEO/Intel agency powers were abused for politically motivated spying on Trump team.
Right from the very beginning it was assumed that @DevinNunes was simply lying.

He HAD to be lying, you see.

Because if he wasn't lying then this was a major story.

Did the media treat it like a major story?

Of course they didn't.
No, we were confidently assured, Nunes did NOT see intel intercepts with Trump transition team members private communications unmasked while they were discussing domestic issues.

No, those intercepts were NOT circulated within the highest levels of the Obama administration.
Because if Obama officials in the White House, DOJ, FBI, St. Dept. & CIA are intercepting, unmasking & then circulating intel intercepts of Trump team confidential communications during the transition period from the election to the inauguration, why that would only be....

Now you know why Comey testified this morning that nobody spied on surveilled the Trump campaign. Not during the election and CERTAINLY NOT during the transition period.
Let me **remind all of you** who exactly was on the Trump transition team from Nov 2016 to Jan of 2017.

1) Donald Trump
2) Donald Trump Jr.
3) Jeff Sessions
4) Gen. Mike Flynn
5) Jared Kushner
6) Ivanka Trump
7) Mike Pompeo
8) Devin Nunes
I've often wondered if on that night back in March of 2017, a thunderstruck Nunes found himself staring at intel intercepts OF HIS OWN ELECTRONIC EMAILS, PHONE CALLS AND TEXT MESSAGES as he discussed domestic policy with other transition team members.
The swamp came after Nunes hard following that March press conference. He was forced to step down from chair of the HPSCI while he was investigated for 'leaking classified information'.
Remember, the key trick of these SpyGate goons is CLASSIFY THE EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE.

Former ODNI @RichardGrenell said as much yesterday after current ODNI @DNI_Ratcliffe declassified the IC's referral of the Clinton campaign to the FBI & James Comey.
They had **classified** ALL of the exculpatory evidence in the Flynn case, remember?
Not until AG Barr tapped US Att Jensen to investigate were the classified exculpatory documents found, declassified, sealed, taken to court, given to @SidneyPowell1, and then unsealed was the plot to get Flynn fired & then frame him for a crime exposed.
You can fully expect more declassification drops the closer we get to the election.

They did a HUGE one yesterday.

Of course, the media is doing what the media does, helping Hillary & Democrats spin it.

It won't matter.

Ratcliffe has the receipts, you see.

The IC referral of the Clinton campaign to then-FBI Director Comey, Brennan's notes & the briefing records with Obama, Ratcliffe is not bluffing here.

These records exist.

Just like the Flynn exculpatory documents existed.
The full horror of what these SpyGate goons put this country through is going to emerge. They can't stop it.
They knew all along the Steele Dossier allegations were fake, coming from Danchenko,that Hillary was making use of the dossier after having paid for it's creation by using media allies to launch a fake Russia scandal targeting the Trump team.
They **classified that** so nobody could see those documents while they went after Trump based on the fake 'evidence' they knew Hillary had paid for.

And now it's been declassified. Durham had it.

They are laying down the road map.
Trump keeps saying "We caught'em" and "We have it all" and "Let's see what happens" with a Chesire Cat smile.

I understand.

You don't believe him.

You spend all day listening to Conservative pundits telling you he's a clueless moron being taken for a ride.
At the worst possible time for the coup plotters they dropped that declassification yesterday.

You know it I know it.

Don't bother denying it.

The day of the 1st debate and the day before Comey testified to the Senate committee. Under oath. On the record.
Serious people doing serious things behind the scenes are in charge of this.

I don't care how much Lou, Sean, Maria, Dan, Mark, Tom or whoever rage about what they think should happen or when. They're out of the loop and in the dark. As they should be.
The serious silent professionals in charge of the real investigations doing the real work will not leak anything and we will never get to see the evidence until they are ready to have it go public.

You've had 4 years of this and still some of you rage about it.

Tough shit.
You'll see when they are ready for the world to see and not one minute before.

You didn't know Durham had already been on the job investigating SpyGate leaks & Trump team unmasking in April of 2017 until THEY WERE READY FOR YOU TO SEE THAT.


You know I'm right.
Sean, Dan, Mark, Tom, a legion of Conservative pundits spent YEARS screaming they wanted action from the DOJ on the Flynn phone call leak & the other SpyGate leaks that targeted Trump team people.

Did Session, Barr or Durham leak anything to placate them?

Let me remind you: a lot of people in the media built their careers based on SOURCES LEAKING CLASSIFIED INFO TO THEM.

Stop the leaks and they resort to MAKING STUFF UP.

On both sides, Left and Right.
When media people suddenly have their leaking sources cut off [or fed deliberate disinformation] they no longer have a real sense of what's going on.
Because the silent professionals wouldn't leak about their ultra-serious national security investigations, you were told nothing was happening.

Because they get no leaks, you're still being told by these people nothing is going to happen.
The difference between me and them is I know I'm out of the loop and I'm comfortable being out of the loop and having no sources leaking to me because I never relied on that kind of stuff in the first place.

And I have faith in Trump & they don't.
Remember what Brian's 4 rules are about what Stupid Conservative Pundits tell themselves [and their audience]:

1) I am smarter than Trump
2) I am better informed than Trump
3) I would be doing a better job than Trump
4) I'd make a great Presidential advisor!
For the record:

1) I am NOT smarter than Trump
2) I am NOT better informed than Trump
3) I would CERTAINLY NOT be doing a better job than Trump
4) I would make a HORRIBLE Presidential advisor
It's **obvious** stuff has been timed to drop before the election.

You all **watched**

1) the Senate report about Hunter's $3.5 mil & other millions handed to him
2) Durham starting in April 2017
3) IC info on Clinton campaign launching RussiaGate

drop in the LAST WEEK.
Hell YES stuff is being timed to drop before the election.

Trump's playing hardball with the Swamp. He's out to WIN.

It's getting OBVIOUS they held stuff back for very late Sept./October surprises to spring on Biden & Hillary & Comey & the rest of the Swamp?

Trump has agency.

And he's used it.

In ways you can't see yet, but he'll let you know when he's ready.

In the meantime the usual suspects will spend all day telling you he's doomed because he doesn't take their advice.

Does he look worried?

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