A pandemic they can’t get under control. An economy in shambles. Millions in poverty & without basic healthcare. An opioid crisis. Natural disasters. The worst racial tensions since the 60’s. And at the center of it all, the madman Donald J Trump.

It’s the perfect storm. 1/
Throw in a SCOTUS appointment that represents an outright attack on/threat to rights of women & LGBTQ2 persons - & a stacking of SCOTUS in an attempt to ensure Trump remains in power & out of prison regardless of the results of the election. It’s a powder keg ... 2/
and the American President is setting off sparks in the form of a not so subtle incitement to civil war.

There is no way this doesn’t get far worse before it gets even slightly better. There is no way there won’t be an amplification of the violence between now & November. 3/
There is no way an election solves any of this - regardless of who wins. 

One can only hope that the American people wake up to realize that none of this is about what is best for you, “the people”. It’s about Trump fighting to stay in power and out of prison .... 4/
It’s about the President of the United States of America being willing to watch Americans kill each other in the streets to avoid answering for his own crimes and transgressions.

Fascism has come to America, wrapped in patriotism. 5/
And now the illusory patriotic rhetoric that has allowed an oligarchy to disguise itself as a democracy for decades won’t save anyone from the impending hell.

October is going to be a very dark & ugly time in history. Strap in, friends.

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