Quino was no doubt one of the most if not the most influential Latin American cartoonist, best known for Mafalda, his work was extensive and constantly crossed borders of all types. A true master of comics and cartooning, indeed a poet who wrote and drew.
Quino's contribution to culture could only be compared perhaps to that of Charles Schulz's but unlike his American counterpart he never fully embraced capitalism and its disconents as an unavoidable reality.
Quino became a cultural establishment thorough emotionally intelligent, critical humour which was always context-aware and inherently political- the conscience of an art form and its readership, a continent and a language.
If Quino had been American absolutely everyone on Twitter would be eulogising him and his work right now. Descanse en paz, maestro. Gracias infinitas.
Descanse en paz. #quino #adiosmaestroquino
Rest in power, #quino. #adiosmaestroquino
Me voy a llorar en solitario.
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