Last night, a small group of sad losers organized what has been described by some as a “white supremacist rally” in a grocery store parking lot in North #YEG.

And while all Canadians have a right to free expression, I absolutely condemn any demonstration of bigotry and racism.
I condemn any group that relies on race, ethnicity or colour of skin to discriminate against anyone, including groups who described themselves as white supremacist with similar objectives. I also condemn groups who seek to divide us or encourage violence on the basis of race.
We cannot allow ourselves to be divided on the basis of race, religion, or creed. I’m confident that the overwhelming majority of Albertans want nothing to do with such nonsense.
I want to thank the Edmonton Police Service for keeping the peace and dispersing the crowd. And to any racists who seek to divide our great province, your hateful views are not welcome in Alberta.
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