On #OrangeShirtDay2020, I want Canadians to know that the intentions of genocide and assimilation from the Residential Schools never stopped. It literally morphed into Day Schools, Child Welfare, forced sterilization, destruction of lands and all other forms of systemic racism.
All of the acts of genocide & violence we see against Indigenous peoples are ongoing extensions of “removing the Indian” policies embedded within Canada. If you are committed to making sure that #EveryChildMatters, you have to also fight against ongoing systemic violence with us.
If you believe that #EveryChildMatters, you have to support land defenders and water protectors who are fighting for every child now and 7 generations ahead.
If you believe that #EveryChildMatters, you will fight with us to dismantle systemic racism within healthcare that discriminates against Indigenous children and their mothers and families. This discrimination is literally killing Indigenous ppl.
If you believe that #EveryChildMatters, you will fight with us to protect Indigenous children from being removed from their families and communities. Child welfare is a continuation of residential schools and you should be just as angry about this.
The Residential School Era was horribly wrong and many ppl knew at the time. Today, there are ongoing human rights violations and ppl know. Let’s not wait until a class action lawsuit or Supreme Court decision confirms what Indigenous folx are telling you right now.
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