Debates, News, Narrative Enforcement: Control the Opposition.

I didn't watch the debates last night. Read the highlights on twitter this A.M. Given what I've seen, I thought it appropriate to highlight a couple of things while they are fresh in the minds of everyone who watched
Debates are a show, they are not informative. This has been the case for decades. Remember, ALL media is owned by 6 Companies. So these committee's on Presidential debates are a complete charade. There is no legal basis for them, simply public precedent, tradition.
Traditional American things are being destroyed by the left everywhere. Churches & religion (ACB), statues being torn down, defund the police, pack the court, end the Electoral College, add States etc. Yet we had a traditional debate. That alone should tell you the fix was in
News: Who saw the PA video about the masks? This one:
How many "hot mic" moments do people need? The media is ALL THEATER. It is Info-tainment. Your most "trusted names in news" are ALL LIARS. They are props. They all work for 1 of 6 companies. Scipted.
Even Tucker folks. He may have some flexibility, but it is only what THEY allow. They need some level of resistance or their "Dialetic" attacks have no relevance. Which beings me to Narrative Enforcement. That is their job. You saw that w/ the whole White Supremacist thing.
That started back with Bush Jr. Got enshrined by Obama & committed and confirmed to the sheeple last week by Dir Wray. Then it gets introduced my Wallace in the debate & no push back. So now, that narrative continues on and gains velocity & deeper penetration. Enforcement.
Antifa is an idea not a group. The absurdness of that statement (which Wallace didn't follow up on) is utterly mind numbing. Yet, today breathlessly we are arguing over who won the debate. Pence will get crushed by Harris. That's his role. He's "Controlled Opposition". The GOP
To clarify, he may be a solid American. Even believe the things he says. But he will be his responses to the issues limited or kept to what the LEFT establishes as acceptable language. Hence he, like all the rest of the GOP are "Controlled". The Mask issue is "settled science"
The mask issue is settled science. But not in the way that is being pushed today. It's a lie. Proof of that is everywhere even as heavily censored as it is, there are plenty of scientific disputes over the efficacy of a general Mask policy. But our President & his family...Masks
They are attempting to fight back a bit. It doesn't matter. You can't defeat a "Narrative" by playing within it. What appears as a win is really your defeat. Don't play games you can't win. The only thing to do is defy & defend the truth, no matter how loud they scream.
That is what Trump did in 2016. He broke out of the "Narratives" that all the other "Controlled Opposition" were fighting in. The people didn't know what they were seeing only that it felt right. "End the wars"
all of DC clutched their pearls, "Lock her UP" they almost passed out
Well they are ready this time. Hence all the debates will be constructed for Narrative Enforcement. If @POTUS strays from acceptable language then they all pounce. It is a scam of the highest order. Tightly controlled. There is nothing legitimate about the entire process.
It is very important that we all understand a few key concepts: Controlled Opposition means just that, they are controlled in how they (GOP) can oppose the Marxist ideas of the Democrats. This is how we will be defeated. Trump winning re-election doesn't matter to the left.
It may matter to the Democrats, but not the real enemy. The Democrats are aligned with MARXISTS. Not all Dems are Marxists, but all Marxists are Dems. Those ideas are antithetical to the US Constitution & our Society. Yet they see these "radicals" as a way to gain power.
Republicans the GOP are controlled by the lefts language. Peaceful Protesters, Masks, Racism, Sexism. etc etc. Critical Theory is pure Marxism. Anything with Critical in it, Critical Race Theory is pure unadulterated Marxism. The fact the GOP countenances any of it is deadly.
So, by restricting your language, the words & ideas you use to those deemed "acceptable" by the left you are in fact participating in your own negation. Trumps initial instincts were right. After 4 years of constant attack from both the GOP (contolled) & the Left (hostile)
He has slowly been brought into the "Narrative Game". Our only hope as a Republic is that he wakes up & decides to not play. If he plays the game he might win the election, but will loose the mandate. This isn't about and election. It is about a reset.
If we continue to allow these "Narratives" that are false to drive our political decisions we truly will slide into a thousand years of darkness. It's not enough to win the Game. It's how we win that matters. But those of us who grew up prior to cell phones already know that.
The Global forces at play here are staggering. To win they only need YOU to be compliant. Scare, Silence, Subdue. That's what the riots are for, that's what the Press does to anyone that strays from the Narrative. We truly can't win this game.
The only way to "not loose" is to don't play. We need our own insurgency within the electorate. Don't allow the fake polls, gotcha moments, or missed opportunities on the debate stage to get any oxygen. When confronted, "Meh" not a big deal. But But But Drumpf is...."No he isn't"
Just don't play. There is no other answer short of open violence (which if we keep playing will come & we'll loose) so don't play. Live your life, #Nevermask, Vote in person, & ignore all the bullshit. Ignore News it's literally all lies. Even the stories that you like are lies.
Believe the obvious. They are burning down our cities. They have told you they won't to "Fundamentally Transform" the system. They do, just not into they say. Don't let them. Say no by not playing. Live your life as Free people. Freedom of the Press, is now Free From The Press.
Ignore them and deride & ridicule any GOP person all the way down to your precinct captains that go along with this garbage. The GOP is dead after Trump. They just don't know it.

Just sayin.
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