1) Now that Trump mobilized his far right army for a struggle over the results, we need to take the possibility that he'll try to steal the election more seriously.

Importantly, Trump again confirmed that he expects SCOTUS to invalidate ballots. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/09/30/could-trump-steal-election-heres-one-way-find-out/
2) The idea that a GOP legislature might try to appoint pro-Trump Electors seems crazy.

But as @bartongellman reports, Rs are openly discussing this.

Crucially, they'd use fictitious fraud as the justification. Trump opened the way for this last night:

3) This scheme would likely be unconstitutional, because it would probably require a new state law, which a Dem governor could veto.

Here I rely on a terrific analysis from @dorfonlaw and @tribelaw:

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