Dumb communist ideas like UBI are popular among the ultra rich as it allows them to build an army of poor dependent easily controllable slaves to legitimize taking more political power to protect themselves from competition by the productive middle class. https://twitter.com/SGBarbour/status/1311160761599758339?s=09
From the morons Marx & Engels, to every communist party worldwide, to today's pro-UBI billionaires, dumb communist ideas have ALWAYS been promoted by the rich, mobilizing the criminals among the poor to destroy the productive & turn them into dependent slaves for those in power.
In all the bloody history of the left worldwide, there has never been a single leftist political party with broad popular support among the workers or poor. It was always a "vanguard" of criminal parasites financed by the rich who spoke in the name of the workers they slaughtered
The Bolsheviks are the prototype: a few thousands criminals organized by Lenin & Trotsky with money from German & US banks to bring down the Tsar & destroy & subjugate Russia.

There's a strong correlation between working in oil&gas and understanding capitalism.

If you've seen the amount of capital & energy that makes modern life possible, you will never believe in communists' perpetual motion scams. Only slavery is free. https://twitter.com/SGBarbour/status/1311160761599758339
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