Mslm lost faith in Judicial system of India🇮🇳 when all accused in Babri demolitions get acquitted today.

But Hindus always have faith in Judiciary

A little THREAD Read

⬇️ #Secularism in India is Green in Colour


➡️ #Sabarimala - SC decides who will enter.

➡️ Masjids *Internal matter of Mslms.*

➡️Height of Dahi Handi - SC will give you an inch tape.

➡️Slow & painful Halal slaughter of animals - *Internal matter of Mslms.*
➡️DJ on Ganesh Visarjan - Lord Ganesh doesn't need DJ.

➡️ Loudspeakers from [email protected]$jids 5 times a day x 365 days - Their God has h€@ ring issues and it is
*Internal matter of Mslms.*

➡️Crackers on Diwali - SC will decide decibel limit, pollution and finally ban it.
➡️ Blood on Bakr €id - Peaceful festivals are *Internal matter of Mslms.*

➡️ Durga Puja immersion - Water pollution, traffic jams.

➡️ Bloodshed on streets on Mahrm - *Internal matter of Mslms.*
➡️Kashmiri Hindu massacre-SC doesn't have time 2 reopen 'old & irrelevant' cases

➡️Death penalty for a terrorist- doors open at midnight.

➡️Adultery-SC says there is nothing like adultery.All polygamous Jihadis must have right 2 target & trap Hindu married women & their kids
➡️ Day is not far when massacre of Hindus is declared *internal matter of Mslm.*

Till then, let us enjoy IPL, movies & chant 'ALL RELIGIONS ARE SAME'.

Thanks 🙏
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