Every defence of the Conservatives I ever hear now is 'They're better than Corbyn'. If that's the best their defenders can do the party has no future. (It was on borrowed time anyway thanks to Brexit, that can't save them in 2024.)
Corbyn won't be running against them in 2024. It will be Starmer. Starmer is a hard leftist, but he'll be using the Blairite playbook of appearing reasonable and sensible and centrist. So 'We're not as bad as Corbyn' isn't going to work against Starmer.
In case these Conseravtive Party defenders hadn't noticed, their party is already behind in the polls, and we're just starting with what is going to be a very bad autumn and winter.
Who thinks support for the Conservatives will grow over the next six months? No-one. Every day some pro-lockdowners become anti-lockdown, but absolutely no-one is moving the other way. Their poll numbers are going to go gradually downhill.
It's like with the EU. In 2016 no-one, not even the fanatics, made much of a positive case for the EU (other than "I'd like to be able to move to Berlin if I fancy it"). It was always, 'Well, the EU's certainly bad, but not being in the EU would be even worse'.
That's one reason why Leave won. You need a positive story, not just (dubious) negative warnings. Where's the positive story for the Conservatives once Brexit over? There isn't one.
There's just a lot of fascism and failure. More Covid fascism. More green fascism. Limiting free speech. Going along with the woke revolution. Failure to tackle mass immigration. Failure to improve education. Funding rubbish University courses.
Where are the good things they're doing that will attract non-leftist voters? There aren't any. Making Charles Moore the BBC Chairman isn't enough. They are a vacuum.
Replacing the Conservatives isn't guaranteed to solve anything, of course. The way the country is at the moment, there's no guarantee a replacement would be any better. But one thing's for sure, as long as the Conservatives remain a force, the country is on a downward spiral.
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