Ted Wheeler, his re-election campaign almost bankrupt, has resorted to donating to himself from his own personal wealth. $150,000. Which is, y'know. Illegal. https://twitter.com/alankesslr/status/1311206517899628545
Portland: Ballots mail out in a few weeks. Please use your vote to get rid of this corrupt piece of shit once and for all in November.

Please vote for @sarah2020! 🗳️🙌
Update: I just heard back from the City Auditor.

"The City Auditor's Office is not currently enforcing the limit on self-financed campaigns. Accordingly, no further action will be taken on your email."
Update: they're not enforcing the limit on self-financed campaigns "... because the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently and soundly rejected any limit on a candidate’s expenditure of his or her own funds to finance a campaign".

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