The more I think of last night, the more I think of how awful Wallace was at moderation

Several of his questions completely mischaracterized events and facts. I’ll be generous and chalk it up to ignorance.
In a debate, Biden refused to answer about packing SCOTUS. Wallace just says to move on. No, further follow up.

Sitting senators want to expand the court, it’s not a fringe topic.
Wallace characterizes Portland and Kenosha as violence being driven by white militias. In Portland Antifa has been shining lasers in cops eyes, setting fires and literally killed a person.
In Kenosha, I’m assuming he’s referring to Kyle. Look one can debate if he committed murder or not but he didn’t set out to kill anyone. The group was guarding businesses. No evidence they initiated violence.
Then there was the Critical Race Theory question. He made it sound like it’s been long standing practice to teach it, had no idea what it was but then acted incredulous that Trump would end it.

That really revealed his bias. Honestly Fox should consider firing him. Simply awful.
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