hello welcome to a thread on busted stuff we keep around the bookstore
here is our stuffed owl, several busts and the thing we use to crush books that misbehave/get bent
we call this curved case 2 because someone built it at a weird shape and it doesn't really fit anywhere else, and also we lost one
we have a gun cabinet that no-one can open because the key goes in the side and turns funny, we keep tiny books in it

also two ladders we can't use because they almost killed me and then also Rebekah in the space of 24 hours
all the walls have secret cupboards but we only have half the keys
no comment on this
found curved case #1
also the cases in the window are held together by thoughts and prayers
remember the time we refurbished an entire room as a gallery before we realised the two ginormous safes couldn't be moved so they're stuck in there and it's now a gallery/safe room
not sure if I'm more proud of the secret cupboards or the blatantly unlocked cupboards sealed via rubber bands
anyway if you buy books then we'll finally have the funds to continue avoiding putting any money into the infrastructure and to be honest we'll very likely just keep repurposing old tat for storage đź’™ https://sotherans.co.uk/ 
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