Azerbaijan’s Intel Service attacked an Iranian transport vehicle INSIDE IRAN, as it carried a military truck to Armenia. This took place in Iranian Azerbaijan where the locals are pro-Azerbaijan & anti-Iran gov. This is good for the US, Turkey & Israel.
The people in NW Iran are ethnically Azerbaijani (Turkic), and secessionist sentiment there is rising. It’s not clear just how strong that sentiment is, but it’s got to be one of the biggest nightmares of the leaders in Tehran, whose heads are filled with nothing but nightmares.
I can’t verify anything about this clip. It could turn out to be false in some significant way. Say, for example, local Azerbaijanis carried out the sabotage, not the Azerbaijani intelligence service. Or say it’s a total fabrication. Still, it points to a crucial startegic point.
For the US and Israel, this conflict pits Iran (& Russia) against Azerbaijan; and so, in turn, it pits the Iranian gov against its own Azerbaijani population, much of which hates the Islamic Republic and some of whom would like to secede and join Azerbaijan in a confederation.
This is good for the US & good for Israel. None of it would happen if it were not for a strong Turkey. The Turks look out for themselves, & in so doing, they help us. Failure to recognize these fundamental aspects of the equation is an American strategic blunder of the 1st order.
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