30 September 2020 #MAGAanalysis

A Few Thoughts On Last Night's Debate

For being the loudest, boldest man any of us have ever seen in politics, Trump has a strange way of sneaking up on you anyway. We'll come back to that. And Chris Wallace? Just disgraceful. Disgusting.
2) Here's a question. If Wallace said a negative thing to Biden - did he? - then his own count of interruptions and attempts to dominate Trump had to number upwards of 20 or more, right? And talk about running shield for Biden who so obviously needed shielding?
3) It was not so memorable, nor so meaningful as when Candy Crowley ended her career fact checking Romney on Obama's behalf. Remember that? But the intent was both obvious and 100% the same. These moderators are not moderate, they're profligate partisans.
4) With 20/20 hindsight, Trump could have allowed Chris to hang himself, and then, when his partisanship was blatantly on view, attack Chriss with all his force and power, as if Chris was the Fake Media's very personification. That would have satisfied, HUGELY.
5) I sadly must confess that I personally did not make that call in advance. It's been a long time since I lost respect for Wallace, but his hellacious performance last night put any chance of its return to bed, for good. He was simply terrible.
6) Now, let's say I'm wrong, and I really might be. That is, maybe Trump handled Wallace perfectly. Consider the dexterity, patience, discipline, and self-control it took to NOT eviscerate Wallace. He'll get no credit for that, and I wish he'd attacked harder. But still...
7) It wasn't until the debate ended that I was able to isolate Trump's brilliant strategy. Sadly, it is also NOT something I called for in advance either. I hate that. It's so simple, as all the best strategies are:

Separate Biden's Left from Biden's Middle.

That's it.
8) This strategy explains just about everything I'm seeing in the polling data I watch. As I've stated ceaselessly, all the Biden lead polls you see out there are lying. Biden is not leading. That, by the way, is my guess as to Trump's second strategic mandate. Vote fraud.
9) You can only use the polls to lie until the election comes. The election is the ultimate poll. So, how do you address the fact that you're so massively behind, and that your candidate is such a disaster? Mail in and harvested votes, stringing out the election interminably.
10) Fake Polling is exactly the same as covering fire in a tactical combat engagement. As long as all the polls favor Biden, then cover is given to vote fraud as the only way to steal this election. The two strategies Trump employed address the two greatest factors he faces.
11) I have immense respect for Trump's team. I don't know who the players are right now. I don't know who worked on helping him lay out his strategy. But these two strategic mandates shout out to me that Trump did that himself. Like his iconic signature, this is pure Trump.
12) I have a theory to offer. It begins with Trump's published statements about the media. They go back for many decades. I believe his teacher was Roy Cohn.

Whether positive or negative does not matter, as long as the media is talking about you.
13) My theory is about two key terms:

Text AND Subtext

My theory proclaims the principle that Subtext always wins.

If you would understand Trump, always watch the Subtext.
14) Let's work on this. There are words, and then underneath the words are ideas. Don't listen to the words. Search for and hear the ideas. Ideas are subtext, words are the text. Trump always does this. He gets people to react to words, while he lays down ideas.
15) So, if I'm reading his debate strategy rightly, the main idea was this. Biden CANNOT unite his party. And remember what Trump got Biden to state, and to repeat himself over.

Biden says: I am the Democratic Party. I am.

Okay then! In that very moment Trump won.
16) Naturally incoherent, Biden was at his most normal self when evading any and all questions about the Green New Deal that Trump hit him with. And, every single time Trump did that...Wallace threw Biden a lifeline. But no matter, the spears hit target and stuck.
17) There you see Trump's absolute genius. He knew coming into the debate that the split in Biden's house is so great it cannot be healed. Left and Middle 100% disagree. Where Trump has united Republicans, Biden lives WITHIN the very split in his party that will be his demise.
18) Look at the same thing another way. Biden has NO positive message at all. He has no vision forward on offer. Trump mastered that in 2016, and his vision for restoring America has not faltered, and it has not changed.
20) Look back to 2016. The very split between Sanders and Clinton2 is surely the single most important factor driving Trump's defeat over Clinton2. She could NOT unite her party. He's doing it again, right now. He's exploiting Biden's complete inability to unite his party.
21) Do you now see it? The most important subtext of the debate was that, as Trump said and repeated, "You just lost the left."

You just lost the left.

That's the point to remember. But no matter, Trump knows you will, and he doesn't need you to think about it!
22) The true meaning of that subtext is clear and simple. Biden cannot win the electoral vote. Losing his left, he cannot win with the middle. Contemplate that. That's what Trump's debate laid down. He knows he's already won the vote. So then...
23) Trump also knows that the Democrats know. They knew the moment they emplaced Biden. They previously thought and hoped they'd find a candidate who might unite the left and the middle. As they watched the field, they discovered that not a single candidate could.
24) The reasons they chose him are too many to follow, right now. There is one that tops the list. He evokes Obama. And what is the Democratic strategy right now? COVID and ACA. Also, through COVID to the economy. We'll have to address this point in coming analyses, more.
25) Biden is the one candidate most like Obama. That's what he's got, and that's why he's the nominee. When they chose him, the Democratic Leaders knew they'd already lost the election at the vote. I am certain of that. So, the thrust, through the use of COVID, to mail-in voting.
26) When you can't win through playing by the rules...change the rules. In other words, rig the election...again.

Trump let us know - as he has pounded on for weeks - that rigging this election is the only way the Democrats can win.
27) Did you know, most people don't, that when you see rapids in a stream or river, with white water hitting great boulders in their way, the rocks are slowing the current down? And, it's not the waves at the beach that put you at risk, it's the hidden current beneath.
28) Chris Wallace is a far mightier opponent than Biden, and Trump clearly knew that. When I say Trump won, I'm really saying he defeated Wallace. For all that, Trump wasn't fighting his way against Wallace or Biden. They are just boulders in the stream.
29) Trump's mission, and he never lost sight of this for a moment, was to embolden us, his supporters to place real votes for him. Then, through that, we will march on to retake America. Trump always fights at the level of the true current beneath the surface of the water.
30) You can't make America great again, if you don't have America. Trump fights for America, Herself. He knows this. He never loses sight of it. He did not lose sight last night.

In closing, we have to once again turn to two forms of analysis, Technical and Fundamental.
31) Technical analysis is what you see on all the charts I post, with their support and resistance lines, and the formations that geometrically result. Sadly, I do NOT have sufficient or adequate data upon which to make an election call, yet. I can make the Fundamental call, now.
32) Having lost the left, the only thing left to Biden is to be the anti-Trump. No merely negative campaign can win the presidency. A positive vision that all camps within your party agree to is absolutely required. And hey, what gave us that unity in 2016? A SCOTUS vacancy did.
33) That's why it is so critical to confirm Amy Coney Barrett's nomination. She brings every Republican camp into perfect unity with all others. We must linger there, a bit further. Making America great again requires that we right the court. SCOTUS has left America to the left.
34) To my observation, every Republican senator, to include even Mitt Romney, sees that our day has come. After 100 years and more of lolling left, we have the opportunity to right our Ship of State. We have it now. Trump's 3rd nominee is that moment. Contemplate that.
35) Have you seen what I've done? By focusing on the subtext of Trump's genius strategy, I have pulled out the very themes that America faces, and that will reelect Donald Trump. So, I say HUZZAH. Not technically, merely fundamentally, I call for Trump 2020.

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