Yesterdays Post on "Not to insult women" had a very clear message. But some people deliberately tried to twist the meaning and took discussion to a different level. So I am explaining that post.

First question "What about men?"
This question should not arise at all
as I am quoting from a part discussing feminine nature, of course Insulting anyone is bad, but here context is women.

Out of some weird logic people thought "Do not insult women" means "you can insult men"

Kya logic hai?
If I say "while driving car one should focus on road" this DO NOT mean "while riding a bike one should not focus on road"

I am specifically talking about one thing why even drag discussion in another direction?
Next question "What about Pootna, Suparnkha, Lankini?Are they Devis too should we worship them? "

First of all scripture says All women are born from Ansh of Devi, you know meaning of Ansh? A part, they are not exactly equal to devis in all aspects.
To be good or bad is a choice, you can choose to be good or you can choose to be bad but you will have to face consequences of your actions, The Punishment is for a crime which has caused some harm to others.
Even saying harsh words is a form of punishment, you are causing pain to other person with your words.

But The punishment must be by a person authorized for that, who is authorized?
1. A person who Need to defend himself

2. A person who need to protect others from immediate danger

3 . An authority - King, Administrator etc

Others must not even insult or abuse, they will be punished by appropriate people.
Why authorized person? Let me ask you, if someone forces you to pay money to him is it good or bad?

Its depends who that person is, if he is a policeman who is asking you to pay fine for something you did then it is good he has full right to do it, it's not a crime.
But if some robber forces you to pay money to him it is a crime as he is not authorized, hence authority is important.

Even in punishment, it is kept in mind that women are Ansh of Devi. For example Lankini attacked Hamuman ji and slapped him,
in his defence he punched her, but he was soft on her, why?

स्त्रि चेति मन्यमानेन नातिक्रोधः स्वयं कृतः ( V.R 5.3.41)

Because she was a woman, if it was some Rakshasa Hanuman ji would have k!lled him certainly.
Same with Suparnkha, When she tried to K!ll mata Sita Sri Ram instructed Lakshmana to Punish her. But if it was some Rakshasa he would have been k!lled if he attacke Mata Sita.

This was punishment, Insult is NOT Punishment
Insult is not punishment, a teacher scolding a student or parents punishing their child is NOT insult at all, state Punishing a person is not insult unless the person is innocent.

Punishment is for Improvement, Stopping from Bad karma,
people who do bad things are locked up for certain amount of time, to stop them from harming others and giving a chance to improve their ways
Insult is for causing pain and harrassment, and for own sadistic pleasures, just to degrade another person for no reason or no authorit
Do Not Insult anyone
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