Reddit has 300M+ users. I posted successfully and got around 100K traffic to my microstartups.

Do you also want to post successfully on @Reddit ?

These are some of the tips that I followed and got my posts to go viral multiple times, compiled into a small thread.

Tip 1: Content for any post on any subreddit can be either videos, images or text. Some subreddits limit it to two or only one of them. So get the content ready beforehand.

Video > Image > Text
Tip 2: Choose the right subreddit relevant to you. There are many subreddits out there with millions of users but you will post something which is not relevant for that community. You will not get any traction. You should share valuable content relevant to each subreddit.
Tip 3: Try to mimic the titles of top posts in that subreddit you are going to post. The title can be unique or cheeky. A lot of subreddits have specific rules on the title, so make sure you follow that.
Tip 4: Timing is everything, and every subreddit has its own "best time" top post. You can use this wonderful tool called PostInspect for exactly that. 
Tip 5: Follow Reddiquette which are the rules and etiquette of each community. Follow these strictly. Reddit was very strict about self-promotion and spam but they have been lenient on self-promotion lately.
Tip 6: You need to treat each subreddit as a real-life community. Don't think these marketing channels but treat them like how you would treat a local community around you. Trust me, It can do wonders!
Tip 7: Build Reddit karma before you "self-promote". by giving back to the community. Post things which are relevant, comment on topics that you are interested in, upvote post which you like.
Tip 8: Reddit is like a hivemind, people rally on anything which is trending good or bad. So it's good to get a few upvotes immediately after posting. So it has some chance of getting more eyeballs.
Tip 9: Keep engaging with other members. Like HN, Reddit also loves conversations but more than anything Reddit loves hilarious comments. You never know what comment can make your post go viral.
Tip 10: You can post again but not the next day. Sometimes even after doing everything right, you may get no traction. There's a lot of luck to a post reaching critical mass on Reddit, so if you happen to get lost in the noise, you can try again.
This is by no means exhaustive but some of the tips that worked really well for me. If you tried to post on reddit, what was your experience?

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