I know I will be haunted for this but facts be shared. In #Hathras case mother & brother of victim in 1st statement said only one boy Sandeep dragged her & beat her up. Reason is old dispute over peeling of grass. Even victim stated only one name. Medical report says NO GANGRAPE
Here's statement of the victim where she reiterates that it's Sandeep who strangled her. She doesn't talk about Rape. She also mentions the enmity between two sides.

The charges of gangrape & three more names have been added later to the case. Those in know of matter know this
As victim is speaking, it's evident her tongue wasn't chopped. IG Aligarh has stated on record that medical report hasn't shown any sexual assault or gangrape. Local reporters covering case since days say charges are being trumped up. family has received compensation upto 10Lacs
Spoke to a journalist covering case on ground. There was no utterance of rape for 8 days. First statement by victim & family was of strangling by neck by only one boy Sandeep. Even if we say they didn't want to mention rape, names could be given on first day.

Incident Date : 14 Sep
FIR Lodged under section 307.
Sandeep arrested on 15 Sep.
As seen, victim & her mother gave statements to media right in beginning. FIR also as per those statements. Then after 8 days, gangrape alleged. 376D added. All accused arrested.

I spoke to Rakesh, father of Ramkumar, one of gangrape accused in #HathrasCase . On 14th Sep Ramkumar left home as always at 7am to a nearby plant where he works. Father claims his son is falsely accused, his attendance can be checked, if there are CCTV in plant, they be checked
First hand written complaint by #HathrasCase victims brother. He says when his sister screamed his mother came. Sandeep s/o Guddu ran away from spot. FIR under 307 was registered. Corroborates initial statement given by victim, mother too on video when matter happend shared above
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