I would like the exchange to have been handled better, but let's review what actually happened. Go to 1:33:00 in the video.

Wallace: "Are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups…"

Trump: (interrupting) "Sure."
Wallace: (signalling that he wasn't done with the question) …and to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities, as we saw in Kenosha, and as we've seen in Portland."

Trump: "Sure, I'm willing to do that…"
Wallace: (talking at the same time as Trump) "Are you prepared to specifically…"

Biden: (interjecting) "Do it."

Wallace: (interrupting again) "Well go ahead, sir."

Trump: "I would say… I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing… not from the right wing."
Wallace: (interrupting again) "So what are you… what are you… what are you saying…"

Trump: (interrupts) "I'm… I'm willing to do anything. I want to see peace…"

Wallace: (interrupting) "Then do it, sir."

Trump: "I…"

Biden: (interrupting) "Say it! Do it! Say it!"
Trump: "You want to call them? What do you want to call them? Give me a name. Give me a name. Who would you like me to condemn?"

Wallace: (talking over Trump's last sentence) "White supremacists and right…"

Biden: (also talking at the same time) "White supremacists."
Trump: (still looking at Wallace for clarification) "Who?"

Wallace: (still talking at the same time) "White supremacists and right wing militia."

Biden: (again all 3 talking simultaneously) "Proud Boys."

Trump: "Proud Boys. Stand back and stand by."
At this point Trump turns back to talking about Antifa.

Watch the video. This all happened very quickly, with Wallace and Biden demanding Trump to say something, after Wallace had combined white supremacists, militia, and the topic of violence.
This was not simply a case of "Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists" as will be reported incessantly. In fact, when the question was limited to just that, Trump interjected "Sure" at the beginning of the video.
Trump has also condemned Nazis and white supremacists in the past, in the very same video our dishonest media refers to when they claim Trump called them "very fine people".
If Chris Wallace's intention was to actually get a clarifying statement from Trump, he bungled it badly by conflating several topics and demanding an ill-defined response in a chaotic exchange.

If his goal was to create sound bites, he may well have succeeded.
This was always going to be the result. https://twitter.com/CBSNews/status/1311188975957225472?s=20
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