The whole “America is a continent not a country” thing annoys me.
One, “America” is a colonial imposition. Native people did not call this land “America” and they still do not call this land (North or South) America.
In the Anglophone world, “America” refers to the USA. The continents are North America and South America. In Spanish and Portuguese, all of that is grouped in as “America”.
It’s stupid then for a Spanish-speaking person (a likely descendant of colonizers, might I add) to tell English-speaking folks that “America is a continent, not a country”. Two different languages, two different worldviews.
And then I’ve seen arguments that this is due to American imperialism which is funny because last I recall people over here weren’t speaking Spanish until like the late 1400s. So what now?
All this is to say, America is a country in English. America is the continent in Spanish. Both are (settler) colonial impositions.
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