Trump's goal for the debate was to derail it, render it useless. Not much Biden could do & I don't think any of us are interested in watching another of these things so to that degree he was successful but did it move even a small number of voters towards Trump? Nope #Debates2020
That said there hasn't been an honest election in America since at least 2000 given Republicans own the voting machines, 2016 was the most ripped off election in American presidential history & they've done literally nothing to prevent this one from being even worse. #Debates2020
I can't imagine any value coming from further Presidential debates this year but unless "the moderator" brings an airhorn he or she can do nothing but utterly fail exactly as Chris WhatsHisNuts did. Who'd've ever thought you'd one day feel sorry for a Fox anchor? #Debates2020
Anybody blaming Biden or the Democrats for last night's debate doesn't understand what Trump went out to do. One person came to debate & the other to burn the stage to the ground. What exactly would Bernie (or anybody else) have done in the face of that? #Debates2020
Craziest part of it is Trump changed the topic away from his indefensible tax fraud & Covid response (which is the worst in the world). Changing the topic every single day to something new & worse is actually not a small part of how he got elected in the first place. #Debates2020
I got into a spot of trouble saying this back in March but I'm just going to go ahead & double-down in October. Had Trump died of Covid when I tweeted this how many tens of thousands of Americans would be alive today because of it? #TrumpVirus
Ask not for whom the 2020 bell tolls, it tolls for thee Mr President
Although you have to at least have the thought...
Having heard the news late last night I awoke from a dead sleep and burst out laughing. I'm not proud of that but I'm not ashamed of it either. It simply is and that's all there is to it.
2020 was the darkest timeline *before* Trump caught the very same enormously dangerous virus he once called a hoax and after trashing Biden for not holding super-spreader events and mask-use generally. I may yet partake. I'm not made of stone.
31 days til #Election2020 Day
What can't be denied by anybody anywhere is that if there *is* a single person on the entire planet that *deserves* to get the Coronavirus it's Trump. I don't care how good a person you are, you can't deny it. It's simply a fact the whole world knows.
POLL: What was your immediate response to hearing President Trump has Covid?
FIXED IT: "Does anybody else find it odd that no prominent [bicyclists] have had [lung cancer] but the list of [lifelong cigarette smokers] goes on and on?"
Joe Biden & his wife Dr Jill Biden have tested negative for the virus, which is significant as just 3 days ago they were in a debate hall with a non-zero number of "Conservatives" who were of course not wearings masks & a number of whom are now sick with the virus #TrumpHasCovid
Trump headed to Walter Reed for several days of "working from the Presidential offices," meaning he went from asymptomatic to light symptoms to hospital-bound. The big question: #TrumpHasCovid #TrumpCovid
Dark. Ghoulish even. But you can't say it's not relevant. You just can't. I haven't the slightest clue where the line is anymore.
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