Listen to Mother of #Hathras Murder victim.
She clearly says some Sandeep killed her Daughter due to old enemity.
The guy sandeep Has been already arrested by UP Police.
As per UP Police, 4 arrested for #Hathras murder case under Fast track court.
This untrue news about #HathrasCase is being publicly spread through certain social media handles.
Contrary to the news cirulated by certain social media handles, the Family of #Hathras victim was very much there during the cremation process. This video is the proof.
Official statement of Adminsstration where they have clearly mentioned the arrest of 4 men for murdering the #Hathras Victim
This was the last statement recorded from #Hathras victim Manisha Valmiki. As per her statement and her mother's statement an old enemity between two families lead to this.

All accused has been arrested by UP Police.
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