I’ve debated posting this for a looong time because I truly hate politics and talking politics and this will be probably the only political post like this that you see from me but I’m done. I am truly not trying to stir anything up, or maybe something needs to be stirred up...
How can you still support this man after he made fun of someone with a disability? How can you still support this man after he just straight up ignored this virus until 200,000 people died? How can you still support this man after the way he talked about Biden’s dead son tonight?
Like I’m truly disgusted and I don’t get disgusted by humans very often. I would have thrown hands if I were Biden tonight and Trump talked about my son like that but somehow he didn’t.
Personally, I kind of think it sucks that I have to choose between the 2 of them for my first time voting, but I know one thing, I’m voting. I’m voting for human rights. Biden at least somewhat cares about people. And I KNOW Kamala does. I think Trump and Biden both are crazy...
But there’s clearly a better option. Also, Trump has said that pretty much all black people are thugs and when asked couldn’t even say that he would do anything about white supremacy. Also also, he has in the past and continues to take away rights from LGBTQ+ people.
Oh yeah, Trump also wants to ends AIDS by 2030, but took funds away to fight it globally. Which is where we need to fight it most right now....GLOBALLY.
I’m truly done. Over it. Over him. I feel like all I can say at this point is I’m disgusted. Please don’t try to defend him in this thread...I’m pretty tolerant with everyone, but at this point I AM DONE. You will be blocked.
Mocking people with disabilities and taking away rights from people that I love and even people that I don’t know is where I draw the line. End of rant. I’m done
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