Debate takeaways:
1. Chris Wallace fought hard but lost fight by decision to @realDonaldTrump
2. Biden’s favorite son was Beau, not Hunter.
3. Jill Biden hid behind mask, Melania did not.
4. Democrats grooming is for mail vote election chaos, Trump knows it & will be ready.
5. Biden looks ill, Trump looked tanned, rested & ready.
6. Biden allowed to interrupt, Wallace chastised Trump.
7. Police support Trump, none support Biden.
8. When Wallace stayed out of it, Trump won by 3 1/2 years over Biden 47 years.
9. Trump had a mask handy, Biden did not.
10. Biden is the Democratic Party, Democratic Party is dying.
11. America apparently had a recession before Covid-19 & no one knew it.
12. There is a difference between unsolicited mailed ballots & solicited absentee ballots.
13. AOC & Pelosi will be upset that Biden does not support Green New Deal. Or does he?
14. Trump is a brawler, Biden is a name-caller.
15. With 4-5 exceptions, Fox is CNN.
16. Trump had facts, Biden had talking points.
17. Biden will pack SCOTUS.

That’s it . . . for now.
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