All I can say is getting out the vote is the only thing that matters right now. Donate to groups that are doing GOTV, especially if they're knocking on doors. Some groups & campaigns are going to homes & observing social distancing.
I'm a politics reporter and I don't endorse candidates but it's obvious I'm a leftist. We're facing fascism, folks. So here's a list I compiled for some friends about how to best spend your money if you, you know, aren't a white supremacist.
These groups are in swing states and/or states with close Senate races. They're all doing GOTV. Your money will go much farther with them than with campaigns or super PACs.
ARIZONA: Good Dem pickup opportunity in Senate. Possible Biden win

One Arizona ( @OneArizona) 

ACE ( @EmpowerAZ) 
GEORGIA: Actually a swing state now. Two possible Dem Senate pickups.

New Georgia Project ( @NewGAProject) 
IOWA: Possible Dem Senate pickup. Swing state, although not a lot of electoral votes.

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund ( @CCIAction) 
TEXAS: Kind of a swing state now! Dem Senate challenger not favored to win, but worth a shot.

Texas Organizing Project PAC ( @TXOrgProject)
MAINE: Sarah Gideon has a good chance of ousting Susan Collins, who's surely "concerned."

Mainers for Accountable Leadership ( @mfalpac) 
Donate to progressive GOTV orgs! And punch Nazis. Thanks.
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