Just made it home from the protest. Time for food, and to watch this debate. Those who watched, what did you think?
Wallace sounds like a substitute teacher trying to get a bully inline, and failing miserably.
I kinda wish America was into socialism as much as Trump says it is.
Gun sales are gonna skyrocket tomorrow, aren't they?
By the way, I'm writing this in a thread so that you can mute it, in case you're sick of debate talk on your TL.

I do all my threads like that actually, just in case you're not interested in that particular topic from me.
Wallace is the clear loser in this debate.
I really am proud of those of you, especially Black and Brown people, who chose not to watch for their own mental health.
I really do care about all of y'all, very deeply. I don't know if that comes across enough in my tweets or not, but I really do.
I do feel some sense of responsibility to watch it, since it was largely white men who put this orange fascist in the white house.
I don't really see the point to more debates if there aren't mutable mics and a moderator with a backbone.
Orange is sus.
. @ABC just called it the worst debate in history.

@NBCNews called it a low point in American politics.

A @CNN anchor called it a shitshow.
They should have been that aggressive in reporting the truth when the orange fascist was getting elected.
My pasta is more interesting than this debate.
This debate is like 2020 condensed into a sweaty suit.
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