An unprecedented number of people became digital markers this year - partly due to the pandemic.

Many succeeded, many more have failed.

Those who failed most likely believed one or more of the following myth.

A thread...
Myth 1 – Digital marketing can make you get rich quick.

Yes, digital marketing can help you earn money, but not so easy and fast as you may think.

You need to invest a lot of time and patience.

Most people quit when they don't make that money. Never believe that myth.
Myth 2 – Digital marketing is reserved only for the rocket scientists

LOL... There must be a lot of rocket scientist here on Twitter then,

Anyone can succeed in this, a little discipline, dedication and mentoring will go a long way.
Myth 3 – Getting a lot of web traffic is a simple and quick operation

As much as we'd love this to be true, it just isn't.

Traffic is like the currency of online business and like all currencies, it's the most difficult to come by as a newbie.
Myth 4 – All of your website’s visitors will be your customers.

If only this were true, a lot of people will visit your site and not buy a thing - that's totally normal.

Not everyone will be your customer.
#5 Myth – All online courses for digital marketers are scams

This isn’t and just couldn’t possibly be true. You just need to be careful where you sign and what services you’re about to use.

Yes, most aren't as effective as you'd expect but only one can change your life.
Myth 6 – You can learn everything there’s to know about digital marketing by yourself

I have seen a lot of people recommend YouTube videos and ebooks, truth is to succeed, you need to hear or read what true experts have to say.

Seek a mentor and follow his/her path.
Myth 7 – You have to spend a small fortune to learn all there’s to know about it

There is no 'all there is to know about it'
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