This is where I say that in Washington state, which has done all-mail voting since 2011, ballots have not been thrown in creeks during that time. #waleg #waelex #VoteByMail #Debate2020
WA state also has processes in place to make sure that in the rare situation where 2 ballots are sent to one person, only one is counted. Washington's Republican Secretary of State, @KimWyman12, said all-mail voting has not led to a spike in voter fraud. #MailInVoting #Debate2020
WA has a ballot tracking system where voters can log on + check progress of their ballot to see if it's been counted. This is an accountability feature that is very important, elections officials say. If ballots were going in rivers, voters would know. #Debates2020 #MailInVoting
I should note, again, that our story we are publishing tomorrow based on voter tips DOES NOT INVOLVE BALLOTS THROWN IN CREEKS. Or any bodies of water. #waleg #MailInVoting
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