I'm done translating this debate.

Trump is just trying to cue up some language for Facebook propaganda algorithms. Biden is trying to land punches.

Enough. Trump is a traitor. I wouldn't dignify this man with an exchange of words.
All Trump does is lie, launder money, rape, and steal.

There are two groups of people: People who know this, and have been propagandized into hating Democrats more than they hate evil - who can't be reached.

And people who will vote this traitor out of office.
The people who have been propagandized to support a Mobster over the sanctity of the institutions of this nation are not my enemies.

Note, not his backers, not those who paid for the PsyOp with Russia.

The people who back Trump no matter what. They're not our enemies.
We're learning the depth of the research and testing the social media companies did alongside hostile foreign intelligence services trained in military-level PsyOps.

They found the emotional and psychological triggers of millions, and relentlessly tormented them.
THAT is what happened to this country, after a few decades of a different version through AM radio, cable TV, and other older forms of media.

Once tech companies could target INDIVIDUALS, the war on this nation was waged on each person's weaknesses - to attack democracy.
Our *real enemies* targeted people who were neuroatypical, physically ill, aging, ethnic minorities, post-traumatic - real PEOPLE who showed the signs of wear and tear that is normal in life.

These enemies found those psychic wounds through technology and poured in toxic waste.
They separated us ALL - in many, many countries around the world - into lists, spreadsheets.

They collected our secrets we entrusted to individual companies - stole them - and aggregated them without our consent.

Then they knew what to target. Who to torment.
The unregulated proliferation of consumer electronics, internet, databases, and vast digital storage has given a small number of humans a panopticon with no legal right to use it.

And lacking regulations, a small group bent on tyranny aimed those technologies at our minds.
I'm pulling for Joe Biden tonight - he MUST replace this vile criminal in our White House.

But tonight, I wish he could be the one to stop the language wars with these wretched propagandists and tell us what he knows - that we were victimized, how we were hurt, and how to heal.
This psychological warfare - waged by domestic traitors and foreign enemies - is why so many of us lost friends and family before their time.

We've all watched people love become radicalized, lost.

None of that is an accident. It's time to call it out, and for it to stop.
Incidentally, this is the heart of the matter with "The Deep State," and trying to prosecute Flynn, Bannon, Stone, and all the rest while these traitors are in the Executive Branch.

Those men all know the RESEARCH which led to these technologies. And they deployed the weapon.
I mean, wasting all that court time over Flynn lying to the FBI, when THIS was what his real treason was part of: radicalizing minds to attack democracy.

It's time to tear into the REAL STORY HERE, PEOPLE.

Our lives are at stake.
The real story - the real reason for Trump's existence in politics - is about triggering the emotions of people at a deep level.

To keep them from voting. To make them pick up a rifle and head for a crowd. To incite them to burn the Constitution.
Our first step to healing is REALIZING WHAT THE REAL GAME IS. And it involves the computer, tablet, phone or other device you're using now.

Our road ahead (not back) to democracy is realizing that we're being victimized. Call out the malefactors. Demand justice.
We cannot reverse the course of technology unless society has a collapse I think none of us want to see. Think Rome, 400-1400AD. No thanks, hard pass.

So ahead it is. And we must understand what happened in R&D labs, universities, board rooms.
We need to understand what these technologies were designed to do.

Determine the negative externalities - the bad stuff - and figure out how to all safety AND freedom, the eternal balance.

And only then can we progress in harmony.
Love you all.

Vote early, vote well, vote once. 😀

Your mamas didn't raise no fools. Now, let's get to the bottom of this and explore space while taking good care of everyone.


P.S. Give Joe and Kamala a few bucks. They're gonna need *lots* of attorneys to sort out these jackasses after the election. https://secure.joebiden.com/onlineactions/5oZD-Vg89EOn_rr9Wg2oCA2
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