[Thread] A thread on the first #PresidentialDebate2020 .. The first question as expected is on the #SCOTUS nominee. #Debates2020 #Election2020
Trump: “I am not elected for 3 years, I am elected for 4 years”

Biden “My Party (Democratic Party) is me.” #Debates2020 #Election2020
Trump to Chris Wallace: ‘First of all it seems like I am debating you and not him (Joe Biden), and I am not surprised’ #Election2020 #Debates2020
We are 15 minutes into the debate and they’re already talking over each other. Wow. This is getting a little crazy now.

#Debates2020   #Elections2020
Don’t know why Trump dragged India with China and Russia on the issue of #COVID19 numbers, India has been accurate with reporting the numbers. #Debates2020 #Election2020
So Far Joe Biden has been performing better than what many expected. We are hitting the 30 min mark, with an hour to go. #SCOTUS and #COVID19 are the first two topics. And now they’re both taking on each other. #Debates2020
Trump’s taxes come up.
Chris Wallace asks Trump ‘how many dollars did you pay in taxes in 2016 and 2017’

Trump ‘millions of dollars’ #Debates2020 #Elections2020
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