Hi folks. I'll be live tweeting the debates tonight

#ChrisWallace had already dispelled the Trump lie that Biden got the questions beforehand

Trump called SCOTUS nominee Any Coney Barrett "good in every way"

She called abortion "always immoral"

Why is a woman's right to control her own body EVER immoral


#JoeBiden counters that this nominee week destroy the #AffordableCareAct

Trump is suing to destroy the ACA, which would remove healthcare insurance from about 20 milion Americans

The Senate CANNOT approve Any Coney Barrett

The lies and name calling has begun, as Trump calls #JoeBiden a socialist
Biden rightfully says Roe v Wade is on the ballot

Trump vowed to appoint judges who will overturn Roe

Amy Coney Barrett is a very conservative justice

Do the math

Donald Trump says insulin is so cheap is like water


Trump: you got very lucky to beat Bernie

Biden: I'm going to get lucky tonight as well..Everybody knows he's a liar.
Biden: He had no plan for healthcare. He's been promising healthcare since he's been elected, and the fact is this man doesn't know what he's taking about

FACT: Donald Trump is suing to destroy Obamacare without any plan to replace it


We move on to #coronavirus

FACT: the US has seen over 205,000 people die of covid since March and over 7 MILLION infected

And it's getting worse

Biden: Trump continually praised China while he knew (how deadly #coronavirus is)

Get out of your bunker and get out of your sandtrap

Trump inexplicably attacks Biden on swine flu, where 14,000 died vs the 206,000 who died from #coronavirus

Biden: Do you believe for a moment what he's telling you after all the lies he's told you about #coronavirus

A lot of people are going to die if he doesn't get a lot smarter

Biden: This guy paid a total of $750 in taxes

He's going to be the first president to leave office with fewer jobs than when he came in

"You can't fix the economy until you fix the covid crisis"


Wallace: In Obama's final 3 years more jobs were created than in your first 3 years

Trump: It was the slowest recovery (doesn't answer the question)

Biden: We brought back auto manufacturing. He blew it.

On to race issues

Biden evokes Charlottesville and Trump's infamous "very fine people on both sides" comment and his attack on peaceful demonstrators outside the White House for his photo op

"This man's done virtually nothing. And what he's done had been disastrous"
Trump disks about the crime bill

I'm doing better (with African Americans) than any Republican in a long time

About 10% of African Americans support Trump, per Five Thirty Eight
Trump claims that racial sensitive training is "racist" and "teaching people to hate our country"

Biden: He's the racist

FACT: Even Paul Ryan called Trump a racist. And his firmer Even Secretary Jim Mattias basically called him a nazi
Biden-Under this president we've become weaker sicker poorer more divided and more violent

My son was in Iraq. He was not a loser. He was not a sucker.

He calls Trump #PutinsPuppy

Wallace: Why have you rolled back Obama standards and relaxed car pollution standards

Trump: (Talks about the price of cars???)

We can bring down the cost of renewable energy

We can get to net zero energy by 2035 and create great jobs

I will rejoin the Paris Climate Change agreement

I would get the countries of the world to come up with $20 billion for Brazil

Moving on to election integrity

Biden points out that Trump's own administration officials like DHS say main in voting did not generate fraud

Show up and vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. He cannot stop you from determining this election. You have it in your control

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