Sloshed as hell and ready to get this DEBATE THREAD rolling, babyyyy!!!!!!!
the competition tonight?!! Only a one mister former Veep Joesepher Biden, versus the incumbent, Doland J Trump
Chris Wallace hosts! and he began by sitting there quietly for ten seconds of dead air. a moment of silence for my brain i assume
Da Big Boys take the stage!!!! Biden shrugs, had better plans
Trump says elections have consequences, and that his “people” are “Top top academic good n every way” and that Eric Garland agrees he won the election
Biden accidentally called everyone curs, meant to say occurs, kinda ruled. he says trump’s court pick is, and quote, “a very fine person”
ah. aw man. Bidet and Rump have already pooped their bipartisan pants. they are fighting over who is stinkier
Trump gets very upset and calls Biden a socialist. Biden giggles like Nicholson’s joker
They are fighting over who is the democratic party right now. Joe asks how many of the covid dead have survived
Trump asks what’s on the ballot? They are seemingly agreeing on points, lmao. Trump says he wants “good healthcare” and Biden laughs and repeats “good healthcare”
They are both mad chris Wallace will not let them finish and collect their conclusions. Trump reminds chris he is debating biden actually?
i guess they are arguing about who hates bernie more
Biden says Trump doesn’t know how to let him finish and Trump says “you’d be surprised”
Trump says Biden’s lost the left by denying Bernie. i am whistling
Chris Wallace says “i dont know if you both realize, you’re both speaking at the same time”

i dont think they realize it either
they really cannot stick to any of the questions at all, repeatedly descending into just shouting their talking points
Biden asks, “will you just shut up man?” and adds, “Keep yapping man.” Trump says “whatever. the people know...”
Biden is reading covid-19 stats. Trump is making this face :/
Trump implies we should be grateful only 200k and counting americans have died from the corona virus, and not 2mil. He says dr fauci agrees. He says the governors agree. He says biden wouldnt even make ventilators
Trump says Biden has the media on his side too. Biden rolls his eyes. Trump brings up h1n1. Biden points out that 200k more might die if we dont simply keep wearing masks, and Trump says ok Biden “doesnt trust johnson & johnson?” Lmao
Trump remarks on Biden “i dont know if i call him the left, or what i call him” instantly undermining his entire campaign thus far but ok
Trump says to never use the word “smart” on him because Biden is stupid
Trump keeps interrupting Biden with shitty dem name drops and just a bombardment of shit-talk. Biden keeps saying ‘be quiet.’ It’s pure unbridled chaos
We have another hour of this to go
Doing another shot bc i was just accused of “getting more sober” wow
Biden dropped the 750 in taxes fact, and trump simply says he paid millions. Chris says hmm, please clarify, how much did you pay bro? Trump repeats MILLIONS and then goes on to explain that he does not want to pay taxes and adds, “obama gave me the tax code i took advantage of.”
Biden says Obama handed him a BOOMING post recession economy and he BLEW IT!!!! Trump gets upset. Trump Says Biden is number 2. Biden keeps repeating “he blew it” and Trump is getting mad and turning a shade of brown
Trump yells that China ate Joe’s lunch and says his son got money. Joe says it’s not true. Trump is just trolling like a motherfucker unchecked
Trump asks why did Joe’s son get “3.5m from moscow” and Biden just keeps saying it’s not true. Everyone is yelling. EVWRYONE IS YELLONG
Chris Wallace explains to Trump what “2 uninterrupted minutes” means. Trump has notes
Trump the pot boldly says Biden kettle is anti-black... Trump says the radical left is taking over the west coast and god i wish it was true. god i wish so fucking hard we were taking over this coast
Trump says Biden wont be nice to police or he will lose the left! he seems to forget Biden’s vp is a cop. Biden says there are” bad apples” in police force that must be “sorted out” but doesn’t explain how using the law to fix the law is possible exactly
The men agree, there are racists! and then deny any association with any of them. so dont worry lmao
Trump who does not know biden IS the cop campaign asks Are you in favor of law & order?! Biden is like duh bro and you forgot JUSTICE bitch. the they both shot their shiny pistols into the air
Chris Wallace asks Do you support Black Lives Matter?? Biden says “Look;;;” when u make a “9/11 call” the cops should be good apples
Wallace ask if biden would call the National guard on protesters and he says yeah dude. they keep forgetting he is not bernie at all
Wallace asks if Trump would like to switch seats. Trump says the left sucks and asks who they would like him to condemn?? they say ok white supremecists. Trump responds, and quote, Antifa will overthrow YOU!!
Trump says he is the greatest great: the greatest great who has ever greated. Space force! Jabber jabber
Biden calls Trump’s “Putin’s puppy” and Trump gets mad and interrupts, making Wallace demand to know why Trump wont stop interrupting. Biden says Trump hates rules! Trump makes sassy faces
Trump says Biden’s boys are and were in bed with ‘the russians (which usually means he is the one whose sons are in bed with russians just saying just saying) (not like some sophisticated conspiracy but definitely like gangster rich guy deals for sure man cmon)
Trump says forest fires are ok because you just replant trees and complains that California calls needing help with forest fires “every year.” Trump indicates battling climate change IF he acknowledges it is too expensive
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