NFHS 🏀 Case Play Quiz #13

•Closely-Guarded Violation: 50%
•No Violation: 50%

•Closely-Guarded Violation ✅

1) CP 9.10.1 Situation B
2) Rule 9-10-1
3) Rule 4-10

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I want to remind everyone that we’re using the NFHS Rulebook/Casebook (High School🏀Rule code) for these CPQ’s.

The specific rules we are discussing in this thread tonight (Closely-Guarding a dribbler) do not apply in any other Rule codes (NCAA/FIBA/NBA/WNBA).
“Closely Guarded” basics:

NFHS Rule 4-10 clearly defines the CG rule.
1) 6 ft distance (just like “social distancing”), measured from front foot/feet of defender to front foot/feet of ball handler
2) Rule applies when a player is holding or “dribbling” the ball while CG

We also know that it’s a violation to be closely guarded for 5 seconds.

But what about when alternating defenders CG the dribbler? 9-10-1b (below) provides a little clarity, but if you look back at 4-10 it states “continuously guarded by ANY opponent”.
We can also reference the Ruling in the Case Play again to see that “There is no requirement for the defensive player to remain the same during the 5 Sec count, as long as A1 is CG throughout”.

Hopefully this has been an enlightening CPQ for a large portion of participants
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