Before the #presidentialdebate2020 starts, I got something to say. I want to start a movement this October. You ain't trick or treating anyway. You got time. I'm calling this movement: #BreaktheWhiteWall or #BreakWhiteSilence. If you got a better hashtag, go for it. #debates2020
After protests, incl watching Black celebrities tear up trying to bring about change, w/ as much spilled blood as the Civil Rights Movement, & refugees caged, violated, and sterilized by American Nazi doctors, some White people are still waffling on empathy and human dignity.
How is that even possible? With video? Pictures? Testimonials going back 2 centuries? Music? Movies? When polling suggests more White voters "get it" than ever before? The only possible answer is: y'all ain't having enough of those hard conversations at home.
I want White people to INUNDATE their families with the hard conversations. If you're trying to be antiracist, this is your cause: run your family down. Drive them nuts. Challenge their logic. Issue. By. issue. Argue and argue until their wall of antipathy toward racism falls.
Talk about what #defundthepolice means. Explain to them why it's better for bipoc AND for police. And why this is a life or death issue for Black, Native, and Latinx people. And how Asian communities aren't immune. There are a ton of thinkpieces. Break the propaganda cycle.
Talk about #COVID19 and rational, scientifically based pandemic responses. This will happen again. We have to deal with antimaskers AND anrivaxxers. Ignorance can kill.
Talk about #kidsincages and immigration reform and how ineffective border walls are. Explain why all of the arguments against #daca and a path to citizenship are built upon racism.
Talk about #medicareforall and how employer based insurance is insecure, economically unfeasible, and classist. Explain how Universal Healthcare is good for small businesses.
Talk about the history of the 2nd amendment, how we've changed the meaning. How reasonable background checks won't keep them from owning guns, and how some weapons and accessories have no place in civil society and the defense of them is antihuman.
Push back on climate change denialism, conspiracy theories, and the hypocrisy of distrusting science in a culture built on science.
Explain how THE MIDDLE CLASS ONLY EXISTS BECAUSE OF PROGRESSIVE POLITICS! Talk about your family history and put it in context. Check the tax rates for when your White family escaped the abject poverty of the Great Depression. Show them how y'all made it.
The fact is, the vast majority of bipoc already know things have to change, that Trump is an aspiring dictator, and that voting for him is a vote for White Nationalism. But GOP disenfranchisement is targeted toward us, & we aren't the majority of voters. Y'all are.
That's why this is your cause. You can march (please do), you can do the reading to change yourself (absolutely do), but if you aren't hounding your White relatives to move them toward simple human empathy, even a bit, you are NOT doing the essential work that only YOU can do.
30+ years ago the GOP unilaterally declared a no-holds barred "culture war," embracing a scorched earth strategy that is willing to see liberty itself die in pursuit of power.
But the very cause was a lie. It isn't merely culture. It' was a cold war for civilization itself, and they've been content to muddle the public discourse beyond recognition to win it.
Without White families talking this out, our civilization will continue to be White Supremacist, to move steadily toward fascism, because that is the only way to enforce White Supremacy in a global world: through violent suppression.
And this is not on Gen Z and Millenials. (I see you, Gen X.) Sure, if you're younger, and your parents are on the fence, start there. But for your hyper-conservative Uncle/Aunt, your parents are their peers, & the only ones with enough influence to move them.
I know it sounds shitty, but it's possible. One of my best friends managed it with their moderately conservative parents on multiple issues. No one is a lost cause. But YOU have to keep at it because they love you, not us, & they'll only wake up for people they love.
But you have to be willing to wreck relationships for this. Just being honest. We all shake our heads as family members dig deeper and deeper into their media ecosystems, as propagandists normalize dehumanization, using people's prejudices as a wedge to build and hold power.
Treat your family's tolerance for fascism, for racism, for dehumanization, as a threat to their own existence, like drug addiction. It isn't "just politics." It's a destructive force for America, and a self-destructive force in the mind and soul of Americans. It is a health issue
Unblock them. Argue with them. Listen, respond, research, come back to the conversation until you've pulled them from the edge of fascism. It is how you love your family. Right now it is an essential way to love bipoc, the queer community, immigrants, and, now, women.
Start those conversations asap &post about it. Tell the world how it went. If it doesn't work the first time, try again, and update us.
Can't figure out what's wrong with something your family said, get help from social media, from the internet. There are plenty of resources that aren't your bipoc friends. But, if you post about it, someone will help you.
Every argument has been analyzed and responded to already. There is no reason we should still be fighting this fight. You can argue and you can win the argument. Don't leave it to time. People are dying by the minute.
For the rest of us, for bipoc. Just convince your family to vote. Help them get registered. We aren't going to be the ones that determine the election, but every one of us in the booth is one less White person we have to count on to see the light.
I'm not even gonna ride the ass of bipoc about who to vote for. If you vote 3rd party, cool. Democrats need to know that they have to WIN our votes by LISTENING to us. We need them to worry they could lose us. So, just do the ballot box.
Note: There's a socialist ticket out there. Check them out. The 2 party system is trash. Breaking it is the cause of bipoc so long as democrats keep half assing it.
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Antiracism isn't just a personal goal, it is civilization building. We're deciding the future of American civilization right now. If we lose, we lose everything.
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