THREAD: 19 Lies Joe Biden Keeps Repeating About His Life
8. Biden claimed he “marched in the civil rights movement… with tens of thousands of others to change attitudes.”

In 1987, he was forced to admit “I was not an activist… I was not out marching. I was not down in Selma, I was not anywhere else.”
9. Biden said “guys like me, who were the first in my family to go to college.”

In 1987 he was forced to admit he “borrowed” this sentiment from a British politician and that there were people in his mother’s family who went to college.
14. Biden claimed he “ended up in the top half of my class” in law school.

The Washington Post reported he ranked 80th in a class of 100 his first year in law school, 79th out of 87 in the second year, and 76th out of 85 in his final year.
15. Biden claimed “I graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school.”

Newsweek reported in 1987 that Biden graduated with “a single B.A. in political science and history.”
16. Biden said he “was the outstanding student in the political science department at the end of my year [in college].”

In 1987, Newsweek reported Biden did not win the award.
17. Biden said he “went to law school on a full academic scholarship...”

In 1987, Newsweek reported “Biden did not go to Syracuse Law School on a ‘full academic scholarship.’ He went on a half scholarship based on financial need.”
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