Just shocking. Can you imagine police behaving like this with people? Locking up the family, denying them the right to perform the last rites. Do they think the family is powerless so they can get away with this? The continuing horror of #Hathras
My colleague reports @TJhumroo https://twitter.com/tjhumroo/status/1311077589956452352
They did try and assert themselves but what are you going to do in the face of brute force and administrative might. Shame #HathrasHorror @TJhumroo https://twitter.com/tjhumroo/status/1311083266523316224
The poor mother. She discovered her daughter’s bleeding body in a field. And now this #Hathras @TJhumroo https://twitter.com/tjhumroo/status/1311084419193528320
A sad cremation performed not by her family, but by policemen as the family was restrained, the media blocked. They failed her during her life and now make a mockery of her death. Just unbelievable this could happen. But then it’s UP #Hathras @TJhumroo #humanrights
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