The vast majority of science researchers who call themselves science communicators have not read one paper from the many disciplines that inform best practice scicomm let alone anything from specific scicomm literature and have an extremely narrow conception of what scicomm is.
All that would be fine if it came with some level of curiosity or respect for scicomm experts but it too often doesn't.

There is a difference between known unknowns (I know I don't know much about x but I can ask someone who does) vs unknown unknowns (not knowing you don't know)
Academic scientists get thrust into lecturing and creating curriculum with ZERO experience, reading or quals in education theory and best practise so of course, when it comes to scicomm why would they consider for a second that they should respect the field?

Just vibe it eh!
I'm not saying this is entirely the fault of research scientists. The systems of publication, funding and university admin all make the perfect climate for it to be impossible for scientists to upskill or have time to think critically about this!

Scientists are too time poor!
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