Few of these reports around now. Crashing the economy | people's livelihoods | businesses | healthcare | education based on these figures.
@10DowningStreet what are you doing?
#Unemployment #COVID19

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Anyone remember this from 2018..? probably not.. the Government didn't have anything to gain by it. But now..? Agenda led or just incompetence.??
That's right folks, deaths for any reason. If you're in a RTA but tested pos in past 28 days then its #COVID19 that's the cause.
However even with these inflated figures we're not above the excess death rate this year. Also flu has disappeared 🤔 wonder where that's gotten to..
Let's also not forget that people are losing their homes | businesses | livelihoods | NHS treatments | all they ever worked for, based on the results of a test that's "a bit rubbish".

Are more people suffering & dying as a Result of the legislation? Which life's are we saving?
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