Here, UCP MLA Shane Getson suggests that people are using CERB so they can “eat Cheezies and watch cartoons” ... and buy drugs. This is disgusting. Getson betrays both his disdain for working people and his ignorance of the health emergency in one 2 minute clip. #FUShane #abpoli
If it wasn’t for CERB, millions of Canadians (including many Albertans) would not have been able to pay their rent or mortgage or keep food on their tables. It was also key to our success in keeping COVID infection rates down AND keeping our economy afloat. Getson doesn’t get it.
And if Getson’s “buddies” can’t attract workers because of CERB, it says more about them as employers than it does about Canadians as workers. If you want people to respond to your job ads, STOP PAYING POVERTY WAGES!
Finally, Getson’s remarks illustrate who the UCP REALLY works for: and if you’re a working person, it ain’t you. Shane, it should NOT be the job of government to keep people in such dire straights that they have no choice but to work for your douche-bag buddies for pennies. FFS!
I was wrong about one thing in this thread: Getson didn’t take 2 minutes to prove that he’s an idiot and an asshat; he did it in 26 seconds. 👏👏👏
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