HAPPENING NOW — #Hathras rape victim’s body has reached her native village, Boolgarhi in Hathras, where the horrific incident took place. SP, DM, Joint Magistrate all here accompanying the family. My camera person Wakar and I will get you all the updates all through the night
#HathrasCase Major ruckus in the village right now. UP cops & officials forcing kin to cremate body overnight. Family begging that let us at least take the girl home one last time. Village people came in front of the ambulance, saying “we will not let you burn our girl forcibly”
#HathrasCase UP Police officials forcing grieving parents to cremate the body overnight saying “I’m from Rajasthan & in our culture we don’t keep the body for long. Baaki sab aap dekh lijiye”
Mother is begging in front of the cops, please let me take the body home once, only once
#HathrasCase Can’t believe my ears. UP cop giving gyaan to inconsolable family - “riti riwaaz samay ke saath badalte hain. Aur aap log maaniye ki aap log se bhi galti hui hai”

Family begging “why are you not letting us take our daughter home for sometime? Why are you forcing”
ABSOLUTELY UNBELIEVABLE - Right behind me is the body of #HathrasCase victim burning. Police barricaded the family inside their home and burnt the body without letting anybody know. When we questioned the police, this is what they did.
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