Happy anniversary @NOAA! @USAID is honored to partner with you to help communities around the 🌏 prepare for and respond to disasters, like in Africa where our joint #3Dprinting project is bringing weather stations to Africa!
This summer, #monsoon 🌧️ & heavy flooding hit #India & neighboring countries in #SouthAsia. With @USAID funding, our partners @NOAA & @WMO trained disaster forecasters on the Flash Flood Guidance System, which provides early warnings🚨of flash floods 🌊 before they hit. #NOAAat50
#DYK that @USAID partner @FEWSNET forecasts global #hunger using world-leading 🇺🇸 earth science data from
@NOAA @USGS & @NASA? It helps us, our partners & other countries prepare to respond to droughts & related disasters. Check it out! ➡️ https://nccs.nasa.gov/news-events/nccs-highlights/NHyFAS#NOAAat50
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