If President #Erdogan continues down this war path he could align with #Azerbaijan & crush #Armenia.

100 years after the #ArmenianGenocide, if the West does nothing these forces of evil might end up finishing what they started 😭

#ArmeniaVSAzerbaijan #ArmeniaIsNotAlone
#Armenians of the world, make common cause with your #Kurdish brothers & sisters! We must stand up to #Erdogan together

Do not forget what is happening in #Syria. For Americans reading this & others in the west, please tell your governments that Turkey must be forced out of NATO
Erdogan is clearly an authoritarian expansionist, even sending thousands of Syrian troops to #Libya to fight in the Civil War there. People must be recognize that he is not as evil & corrupt as President #Assad, but even worse. Assad only wanted to torture & bomb his OWN people!
If the US & the West can't stand up to Erdogan's aggression now, then Russia & Iran will gladly act as saviors of the Middle East... but at a high price!

This is our great challenge: to defend democracy in the Middle East wherever it is still found & protect our loyal allies
Some may complain about the high price that we Americans have paid over the years for our large military & overseas infrastructure, or argue about the morality of global military dominance
These are productive conversations to have! 👍

Nothing I have said in this thread about defending the #Kurds & the #Armenians is incompatible with a military consolidation approach which I find altogether rational

Instead we should apply MAJOR diplomatic & economic pressure 🌎
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