The status and belonging of #NagornoKarabakh are once again the subject of a fierce military confrontation. The issue of statehood and the lack of international recognition usually dominates the public narrative. 1/9
References to #NagornoKarabakh as “militia” or “separatists” are grave mischaracterization of reality. Ignoring the objective social and political facts on the ground is misguided. Here is why: 2/9
1) As an entity #NagornoKarabakh came into existence in 1991 through a referendum. #NagornoKarabakh has existed outside of the political and legal control of either #Azerbaijan or #Armenia for the past three decades. 3/9
2) During these decades, #NagornoKarabakh has developed a stable and functioning political and legal order, despite the international isolation and militarization. Its government, and not #Armenia or #Azerbaijan, genuinely represents the inhabitants of the entity. 4/9
3) #NagornoKarabakh is a functioning democracy, albeit with its imperfect record. Whereas, the “power in #Azerbaijan ’s authoritarian regime remains heavily concentrated in the hands of Ilham Aliyev.” ( 5/9
4) Despite the odds, #NagornoKarabakh has never become an autocratic country like #Azerbaijan. According to @FreedomHouse #NagornoKarabakh has a much better political record than Azerbaijan which @FreedomHouse ranks as 'Not Free' ( 6/9
5) #Armenia’s economic and military support for #NagornoKarabakh in no way negates the independence of the entity's legal and political order. In fact, the democratic development and the rule of law within Armenia positively impacts and sets a standard for #NagornoKarabakh. 7/9
6) #NagornoKarabakh must be at the negotiating table. The biggest weakness of the @OSCE Minsk Group--the official forum tasked with brokering peace--has been the exclusion of the #NagornoKarabakh from the peace talks. 8/9
7) Anyone advocating that #NagornoKarabakh should or could be part of #Azerbaijan, is suggesting handing over a democratic entity to an autocratic government. 9/9
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