1: section of Progressive UC women annoyed with the discourse of Caste based sexual violence is precisely because they no longer can dominate the narrative.The outrage,the opinions are coming from Dalit people,mostly Dalit women.And these UC women are not used to taking backseat
2: The moment you bring in the underlying Caste supremacy of UC men in such cases of sexual violence, Caste comes into picture & how can this section of progressive upper caste women now criticize Caste which they are benefitting from. Also they will be under scrutiny.
3:They want to level plain everything by using emotionally appealing phrases of " It happens to all women"," We are all equally suffering" &so on.These are not truths,it is the labor of Dalit-Bahujan women on which both UC men & women live.The relation is that of master & servant
4: There never is any Caste collective power from below that is involved to oppress, exclude, deprive materially, the Upper Caste women, there lies the distinction of them & Dalit women.
It is always inside their own families & structures where they are oppressed,not materially.
5: Instead of questioning their own families,Men & Caste kinships, they extrapolate themselves into the large category of women as equal to Dalit women. There lies their viciousness, materially they are not deprived, they partake from the caste property as well as rip DBA labor.
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