🛑IMPORTANT CALIFORNIA VOTER RESOURCES!!! Crucial dates and sites you need to know!!! (THREAD)🛑
If you haven't already, REGISTER TO VOTE! You have until Oct 19 to register online, or register by mailing an application which must be postmarked by Oct 19.

If you're a newly registered voter, you have until Oct 27 to request a mail-in ballot. REGISTER: https://registertovote.ca.gov/?campaign_id=49&emc=edit_ca_20200928&instance_id=22590&nl=california-today&regi_id=76568125&segment_id=39226&te=1&user_id=c5ca224b7e67382c66fe2c167b8f8b2b
If you miss the Oct 19 deadline, you can register to vote through Same Day Voter Registration at a polling place or county elections office. More info on that here: https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/voter-registration/same-day-reg?campaign_id=49&emc=edit_ca_20200928&instance_id=22590&nl=california-today&regi_id=76568125&segment_id=39226&te=1&user_id=c5ca224b7e67382c66fe2c167b8f8b2b
All California voters will receive their 2020 ballot IN THE MAIL BY DEFAULT. They will be sent out no later than Oct 5.

If you moved or sat out the last few elections, check your voter registration status here: https://voterstatus.sos.ca.gov/?campaign_id=49&emc=edit_ca_20200928&instance_id=22590&nl=california-today&regi_id=76568125&segment_id=39226&te=1&user_id=c5ca224b7e67382c66fe2c167b8f8b2b
If you tend to vote Democrat, here's the California Democratic Party's endorsements (use the first three links on the site): https://www.cadem.org/vote/endorsements/
...if you vote Republican (or, you want to vote for the opposite of what they endorse), here's the Cal GOP endorsements: https://www.cagop.org/s/endorsements 
To close, here are the important dates again. Link compilation courtesy of NYT California Today. If I find more resources, I'll add them on. I might make a separate thread for the propositions later on :) [end thread]
If you live in CA-42 (inland empire), Vote Liam O'Mara for house representative! If you think Ken Calvert bares any resemblance of a good person, take a look at this: https://twitter.com/millsspatel/status/1311768713910083584?s=20
Here’s a good thread on the Propositions if you’re confused! https://twitter.com/dreammxv/status/1312611588415746048
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