If you came across Tweets about #HathrasCase by any woman BJP MP please post it in comments.

I’m not being sarcastic. I genuinely want to know what they are saying about it.
In fact if you have Tweets by ANY woman MP, irrespective of party lines, please post.

I want to know what is the stand of these women we are voting for. They have to be the voice and the torchbearers. This is a responsibility they can’t hide from.
Even MLAs will do. Anyone? Someone?!
Supriya Sule, MP from Maharashtra. NCP.
Looks like a stock message. But that’s all I got till now.
https://twitter.com/supriya_sule/status/1310977071783358464?s=21 https://twitter.com/supriya_sule/status/1310977071783358464
Priyanka Chaturvedi, MP from Maharashtra. Shiv Sena.
Says she talked with Hathras SP regarding it.
https://twitter.com/priyankac19/status/1310982455608844289?s=21 https://twitter.com/priyankac19/status/1310982455608844289
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