Icb I'm saying this but I get why JYP/E said "Page isn't G7's color" shit. It doesn't suit "GOT7, the k-pop idols" image that the industry KNOWS but it rather suits "GOT7 the artists" that ahgases adore & that the industry NEEDS. Their style doesn't cater to the kpop tt formulas+
Page, Come On, 1°, Aura, The End, Pray, Poison, Believe & more don't really fit the K-pop image but rather are those gems that you have to dig and discover to enjoy like indie artists. But STILL JYP SHOULD LET GOT7 choose their color & let them free to dominate the industry.
They're not your typical Pop/ ballad/ banger/ Edm/ hiphop or genre defined group. They're all individually pro in any genre which is very threatening to the already established image that jewaipi is trying to force feed down people's throat. So fcuk jewaipi's rat-lizard-frog ass.
Coz good lord it'll be such a breath of fresh air to the k-pop industry AND the korean gp to see non-generic sounds from what they think is a generic group. Since jyp's idea of G7 isn't gaining too much of gp's attention, why not let G7 give a shot with their own style you fcuk..
So many of the groups' besides included some I stan sound so generic and basic like they could be any other song but any other group and still have the same entertainment value. But GOT7's are just SO different. I really can't pin them in with other groups anymore.
Something about GOT7 not being afraid to use their rappers to shout-sing the main chorus or vocalists to mix so well when they're not technically built to blend?? The way they throw us off by playing around with the song's structures?? Something just SCREAMS "BTCH I'M DIFFERENT"
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